Every week, our new "International Chef" delights us with varied and delicious menus as well as a list of spectacular suggestions, among which some of his exuberant and spectacular combinations can be found..
"Las Violetas" pancake tower, with ham, cheese, turkey, palm parts, lettuce, olives, and eggs.

he colors and flavors of our tasty dishes mingle with art in an elegant environment, making our guests enjoys endless and unforgettable luncheons and dinners.
Since our “new chef” joined us, to create a cuisine that knows no quality, quantity, or variety limits has become one of our main goals. To provide our customers with an excellent “wine list”and an outstanding service in a comfortable and cozy environment have certainly become our objectives as well. In Las Violetas, our cuisine is renewed every day for the purpose of surprising our customers with the most delicious and unmissable dishes.
Discover our endless “chef dishes”, which range from beef or poultry to delicious top-quality homemade pasta.
Traditional empanadas (stuffed salted pastries) stuffed with chicken or knife-cut beef
Mozzarella cheese fried in breadcrumbs
Primavera roll with tuna, palm parts, lettuce, cheese, eggs and mayonnaise.
Vinagrette veal tongue
Homemade meat roulade served with potato salad (peas, chopped boiled carrots, boiled potato dices and mayonnaise).
Tuna or chicken salad, with chopped potatoes, tuna or chicken, lettuces, eggs, tomato slices, and olives.
Stuffed chicken served with potato salad (peas, chopped boiled carrots, boiled potato dices and mayonnaise).
"Las Violetas" stuffed tomato with cured ham, poultry, palm parts, lettuce, and mayonnaise.
Vitel Thone, a thick sauce made of tuna, vinegar, and mayonnaise served over thin slices of tenderized eye round roast.
Palm parts with our traditional golf dip (mayonnaise and ketchup)
Cooked ham with potato salad.
Glazed ham with pine apple slices
Cured ham with potato salad.
Melon slices with cured ham.
Turkey breast with waldorff salad.
Grilled provolon cheese
Squid rings fried in breadcrumbs with our traditional Provenzal (chopped garlic and parsley) or Romana dips

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