he wooden panelling (boiserie) had to be totally polished and restored. There were even some places with missing or damaged marquetry panelling, so restoring them became impossible and new ones imitating the original ones had to be made. All sumptuous chandelliers were recovered and they were then polished, and laquered. Damaged or lost pieces were replaced.

At the same time, many hand-carved teardrops had to be made and then carved with their original drawing. The wall lights and the bronze rings surrounding every column went through the same process. The plasterwork ceiling was kept, just repairing the damaged sectors. It was impossible to recover the floors because they were considerably damaged, but new floors were made following the size, shape, and original colors. They were placed in the same way. Toilets for the handicapped were included.

As regards tables and chairs, a dark bordeaux upholstery was chosen for the chairs, and, on some tables, Carrara marble tops were placed, as in the old times. The facade was totally preserved keeping the original marble. Restauration entailed a six-month research and municipal paperwork process in the heritage site sector.

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