ccording to the legend, one afternoon, as was his habit, the famous jockey Irineo Leguisamo came to Las Violetas. When the waiter approached him, Leguisamo asked him about cakes and preserves. As this was really fond of dulce de leche, the head pastry chef, a skillful, professional and turf-fanatic man, came up with a bright idea: he invented a cake in this prestigious jockey's honor. And to make this chapter go down in history, he named the cake after him.
Learn about the "Leguisamo" secret. These are its ingredients: biscuit dough base, with dulce de leche, meringue, marron glacé, almond cream and puff pastry, with chocolate and fondan icing. With so much sweet inside, how wouldn't it become famous?
nrique Costa and Julio Roca were the former owners of Las Violetas, and, in those times, the poet and writer Pascual Contursi and the pianist and composer José Martínez would gather there with other friends..
Pascual Contursi and José Martinez, who were authors of the tango named "De vuelta al bulín" (Back to the Bachelor Pad), composed the tango"Ivette". Because they owed money to those owners, they made the owners sign as the music composers of such tango. For that reason, in most editions of that tango Enrique Costa and Julio Roca pass as the music composers.
n the remote Almagro neighborhood, which in 1880 was a country house area, a coffeehouse with unequivocal signs of refined elegance opened its doors. And this caused a great stir. Sumptuous carriages with curious aristocrats arrived at the doors of this luxurious and brand new place.
As history has it, Carlos Pellegrini himself, with rigourous top hat, cloak, and baton pleasantly attended the inauguration ceremony.
On September 21st, in Buenos Aires City, Las Violetas coffeehouse came to life...

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